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What is Legal Guns ?

Legal Guns is a Software Development Company and a complete IT Solution provider that is ever ready to undertake the most challenging projects ensuring the cutting-edge technology. Our team of dexterous workers knows how to cope with deadlines and achieve the project milestones. We feel fortunate to build customer-centric IT Products and provide complete solutions with extended 24×7 consultancy and support.


We envision a world where companies are empowered and awarded by top-notch technologies and support of highest calibre. Legal Guns is therefore seeking to contribute realising that.


To boost individuals and organizations in filling
the technological gap. Legal Guns has
realized that there is still a gigantic
“digital-divide” gap left between rich and
poor in high-tech terms.
Our core focus and objective is to strive for
individuals and businesses by tackling the
ground technological issues and to lift up
technically-challenged people.

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Contact us

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